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Respite Care

When you are taking care of someone it is important to also consider your own health and wellbeing. Just as most jobs provide holidays, carers should try to take some time off from caring. Sometimes it is the person that is being cared for that needs a rest from the Carer

Respite care offers the opportunity for both the carer, and the person being cared for to take a break. This may be for a few hours, a day, a night or a few weeks. Respite is needed to relieve the stress of being a carer or simply making time to do chores such as shopping and cleaning. It is important for carers to have a few hours to themselves. This is short-term respite and can be for a range of reasons – doing the weekly shopping, attending a regular weekly meeting or an outing with friends. This type of respite occurs in your own home where a familiar person visits and cares for the person.